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This artwork was created to show three forces of nature: The Moon, Wind, and Sun. In real life, of the three forces, we can see only 2, right? Because the wind which is the movement of air cannot be seen, only felt. The wind can knock things down, or move things such as sailboats or wind mills and is also a great thing from nature that can create power. 

In this artwork, the Sun is the biggest circle. The Sun, which is a star, is so big that you could fit 960,000 Earths in it! The void in the sculpture which is the hole that goes through the large circle is the Moon. The Earth’s moon has weaker gravity than our planet so if you were on it you would weigh only 1/6th of your weight. The difference in gravity is also why astronauts can float through their capsules. 

Scan the QR code to see the video Pizza Night on the Space Station. As you move onto the next stop on your tour, you’ll get to see another object with a moon on it…its call the Half Moon, and she is a ship.