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Do you know who this man is? He is considered a Founding Father of the United States. His name is Alexander Hamilton and there is a Broadway show about him.

Hamilton was born in the 1700s on the island of Nevis in the West Indies. Some local people there thought he was really smart paid for him to go to New York and attend school at what is now Columbia University. He fought in the American Revolution and was George Washington’s aide de campe, and later became the United States’ first Secretary of the Treasury. In fact, you may have noticed a picture of him on the $10 bill.

In 1804, Hamilton was shot in a duel by the then Vice President, Aaron Burr. So did you know that Hamilton married a woman named Elizabeth Schyluer from Albany? Yes, its true! And they were married here at her father’s home on Catherine Street in 1780. Once you are ready to find your next tour stop, go through the glass doors.