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This green oasis welcomes you back to nature and elicits feelings of peace. 

This is Leigh Wen’s Mid Summer Glim V; created in 2019 with oil on linen. This painting, like many of Leigh Wen’s works, is made first by painting bright colors of yellow and oranges. Then the artist layers on dark colors of different shades of greens and blues. While the greens and blues are still wet, she goes in with a stylus and carves the lines.

The lines appear to be random, but as we span out, every set of those lines has a purpose to create this spectacular scene. A fascinating technique Leigh Wen uses is the push and pull method. The yellows and oranges are quick bursts of energy that pull you in, while the dark greens give a serene scene of calmness and mystery to pull you out. 

If you look long and close enough, this painting can revive your love of nature and open your eyes to the beauties of our earth. This piece depicts not only the physical appearance of nature, but also the inner forces that express the aspiration and fears of what it means to be human.