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This is one of many sculptures in this gallery created by an artist that lived in Albany during the 1800s named Erastus Dow Palmer. Entirely self-taught, he began his artistic career carving small cameo portraits before moving on to full-length and larger sculptures. He made many sculptures in addition to the ones you see here. Some of his works are at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, and his sculpture of Robert R. Livingston is on display in the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. This work is a plaster cast of a marble statue entitled The Angel of the Sepulchre, which is perhaps the most famous monument in the historic Albany Rural Cemetery. The Angel was commissioned by Robert Lenox Banks for the grave of his first wife, Emma Rathbone Turner. Palmer himself is buried in a family plot in Albany Rural Cemetery, steps away from this masterpiece. Other notable people buried in the cemetery include Revolutionary War General Philip Schuyler, President Chester A. Arthur, and Kate Stoneman, the first woman admitted to the New York State Bar.