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Trade in goods began to flow between the Europeans and the Native Americans beginning in 1609, when Henry Hudson sailed into the river, which is now known as the Hudson River. One item that was traded between the Native Americans and the Europeans was trade tokens. The trade tokens were valuable and were easy to trade. Beavers and turtles are viewed as helpers for the creation of life in Haudenosaunee culture and that is why these animals were commonly engraved in the tokens.The tokens also showed importance. At the museum, in our touch collection we have reproduction tokens of beavers and turtles. In the case, on display, are silver trade tokens that were traded between the two groups. If you look closely at these tokens you will see an eagle and two kissing otters, as well as a little hole on the top. Europeans and Native Americans would wear these tokens as necklaces to represent a family or clan they were in. If you were to design a silver token to wear as a necklace, what would it look like and why?